How Much Money Could You Save by Switching to LED - Year-on-Year

Running a home can be expensive, so it is always great to find ways in which we can save money on the things that we use every day, especially if there is an option that comes with other benefits for the house too. One fantastic option for bringing down your energy bills is to switch your traditional bulbs for LED versions, as these household additions are around 10x more efficient which means that they use far less electricity to produce light, saving you money every time you flick on the light switch. So, if you were to use 4W LED bulbs rather than 40W bulbs you would be using just 10% of the energy which would mean that you could save up to 90% off of what you would usually spend to light your home.

Are LED bulbs cheap to buy?

Although LED bulbs are more expensive to buy in the first place, you will find that you make your money back very quickly, due to how effective they are at turning energy into light. These bulbs also last longer than the more traditional options so you will find that you won’t have to buy them as often, which we think means that purchasing them can definitely be seen as making an investment. In fact, if you only have your lights turned on an average of 6 hours a day your LED bulbs could last around 15 years, so you really won’t have to be concerned about having to pay for replacements for a very long time, or having to head up the ladder to change them as frequently! This is also great news if you are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, as lower energy usage means less CO2 is produced due to inefficient lighting. On top of the additional fact that they have such a long life means that less is being produced, they are completely recyclable, and they don’t contain any toxic materials, such as mercury which can be found in other bulbs.

How much could you save by switching?

Exactly how much money you could be saving each year by switching to LED bulbs depends on how many lights you have in your home and how long you have them turned on for during the day on average. One of the best ways to find out your own potential savings is to use our handy Energy Saving Calculator which will use the information you provide to show you how switching to LED bulbs could bring down your energy bill.


What types of LED bulbs are available?

It isn’t just their energy efficiency that makes LED light bulbs great, it is also how lovely they look in the home due to the fact that there are plenty of shapes, sizes, and shades of light for you to choose from. Plus, you can get the same options as with traditional bulbs, so there will be no problem when finding some to fit your light fixtures and lamps, and as they only require a low voltage in order to produce light they are ideal for using outside too.

You will also be pleased to know that switching to LED bulbs means that you can say goodbye to lights which take a while to become bright, or flicker to begin with, as these will light up your room quickly without producing a lot of heat, unlike traditional bulbs.











How safe are LED bulbs?

As they hardly produce any heat, LED bulbs are a safer option for the home too. Incandescent bulbs actually convert 90% of the energy that they use into heat which means that they are only using 10% to produce the light that you are paying for, making them more hazardous and less efficient. Knowing that switching to LED bulbs could save you money year-on-year is certainly worth looking into replacing the traditional bulbs in your own home, and even if you can only afford to buy bulbs for one room at a time to begin with you will start to see improvements on your electricity bill in no time. The fact that they are available in plenty of designs, are very safe to use, and can help you to reduce your carbon footprint are all simply additional advantages to changing the type of bulb that you are using, and we guarantee that you will be able to find a design that suits your requirements, no matter what you are looking for. So why not start saving money on your energy bill today by browsing our range of LED lightbulbs and seeing just how much of an impact they can make on your monthly energy usage.