Graphene LED Bulbs

Stronger than Steel... So What?

Thinner than paper but stronger than steel, Graphene is a great conductor of electricity as well as having a multitude of other functions. This thin layer of carbon is what lies behind the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics.

  • Best thermal conductor
  • Best electrical conductor
  • Strongest known material
  • Impermeable to all molecules 

LED's heat up internally due to the electrical current that passes through. Without proper cooling the heat can make the light less efficient. Using Graphene, the temperature is reduced by more than 10C

By keeping the LED filaments cooler using Graphene, we can prolong the life of the light bulbs and ensure that they reach their optimum performance and predicted lifetime.

What are the Benefits?

Graphene coated LED light bulbs are not only more efficient to run than regular LED... per household using an average of 10 Graphene LED bulbs, will release 5150lt less CO2 into the atmosphere than regular LED!

There are 28.1m houses in the UK, if everyone switched to Graphene LED, collectively we would release 280,000 tonnes less into the atmosphere than regular LED. 

With the additional layer of Graphene controlling the heat, the bulb will maintain its brightness compared to regular LED. Tests have shown that regular LED loses 46% brightness after 1000hrs, graphene LED only loses 4.5%.

Graphene; Stronger, Brighter, Longer