Why Switch to LED?

LED Light Bulbs

Why Switch to LED?

LED saves over 90% of energy versus traditional incandescent or halogen lighting, and Graphene LED lamps save even more. LED lighting lasts longer, and reduces your energy usage, making savings to your energy costs.

Cost Saving

Whilst the cost of an LED bulb is a little higher, the payback in running costs far outweigh this. As an example, should you be running 10 x 40W bulbs in your house for an average 4 hours per day, over the 4 hours they would use 1.6kWh every day. With the current average cost of electricity being £0.14/kWh, the annual cost would be £81.76.

Using the 4W LED equivalent that gives out the same amount of light, the annual costs would be just £8.18 which is a significant saving.

Additionally, most LED bulbs also boast a longer lifetime of 20,000 hours, take the financial benefit over 10 years, for example, this would be a saving of £735.80!

LED lights provide instant light, unlike some energy saving bulbs. There is no waiting around for the bulb to reach its full potential, LED gives instant, consistent light.

The decision of switching to LED lights is easy, they cost less to run and they last much much longer.

Make the switch and view our range of LED Light Bulbs, and Graphene LED Light Bulbs.