15 Carnarvon Street, Manchester

15 Carnarvon Street is a commercial office building based in the centre of Manchester.

We completed a lighting audit and recommended that the existing lighting was changed to the latest LED technology. The premises management team were also concerned about ensuring that any businesses were unaffected by any glare, so it was important that we sourced a fitting with a low UGR rating.

We recommended the integration of presence and lux detection to ensure they were maximising any savings possible.

Removing the CFL Downlights from the reception area and switch start tube fittings from hallways and corridors, we replaced them with new LED Downlights, LED Battens and LED Panels. In the office areas the switch start fluorescent tube fittings were replaced with a dimmable LED panel at 30w, reducing the output from 72w before any ballast losses.

All products recommended met the criteria for ECA compliance enabling them to claim up to 25% of the project costs back through tax allowances.

They opted for complete installed solution using our installation team. The installation took just over two weeks with the work done in the evenings and weekends to ensure that day to day business was were unaffected by any of the alterations.

The payback on investment, including ECA allowances, is just under two and a half years. So in a short time there will be savings in excess of £10,000 per year on running costs alone.

By specifying product with 5 year guarantees further savings via a maintenance free system will be enjoyed with this fit and forget solution.


Project Information

Annual Before After Saving
Cost (£) 12928.69 3883.91 9044.78
Energy Usage (kwh) 89163 26786 62377
CO² Production (T) 48.61 14.60 34.01