About Us

LEDClever belongs to a collection of businesses that specialise in energy saving technologies. Using the latest LED technologies, LEDClever brings you lighting solutions for the home that will reduce your energy costs. Additionally, being one of the first to bring Graphene coated LED  to the market, LEDClever can bring you further energy savings and longer lasting brightness than regular LED. Using our payback calculator, LEDClever can show you realistic time-frames to make sure you can enjoy the savings to be made over the life of the LED products.

LEDClever’s Mission

Reducing carbon emissions by using the best in LED technologies and controls. Utilising our specialist knowledge of lighting technology to deliver tangible cost saving solutions to our customers.

Our Team

LEDClever collectively has over 60 years’ experience in the lighting market. Whether it be for industrial or commercial use, we provide a bespoke service for each client. 

Contact us now if you would like to join our fast growing team.

Our Products

LEDClever has access to some of the largest brands on the market. We select the best product that works for your needs. We are proud to consider the environment and focus on reaching sustainability and climate change targets.

Let LEDClever be your lighting provider of choice and let us help reduce your energy output and costs.