Priestleys Café Bar, Birstall, Yorkshire

Priestley's is named after one of the village's greatest sons, Joseph Priestley, who is credited with the discovery of oxygen. Bearing his name, we want the venue to be a community gem... Something the locals can be proud of... This was at the forefront of the brief from our client. We were invited to survey the building and asked to demonstrate energy savings and improve the appearance of the general lighting and create a focal point in the bar area.

We completed a lighting audit and recommended that they change their existing lamps to the latest LED retrofit replace­ments. By replacing the old brass fittings with modern brushed steel downlight fittings and using branded LED mains voltage replacement lamps which were on dimmers they would be able to create the atmosphere required for any event.

The Priestleys team really wanted to be able to create a some­thing eye catching in the bar area. Our solution was to use flexi­ble colour changing LED strip along the top of the glass tiles behind the bar. Ensuring the bar staff and management team could easily change the colours and colourmix to create a vi­brant, exciting backdrop and the focal point they wanted.

Our client opted to use their own electricians to install the light­ing during a refurbishment that they had already planned. The payback on investment was recouped in just over three months saving Priestleys Cafe Bar over £5,000 per year in electricity savings alone.

By specifying products with 4 year guarantees and life­-times in excess of 25,000 hours our client will realise maintenance savings with this fit and forget solution.

Project Information

Annual Before After Saving
Cost (£) 5301.88 279.31 5022.57
Energy Usage (kwh) 37871 1995 35876
CO² Production (T) 20.65 1.09 19.56