Rochdale Association Football Club

Rochdale Association Football Club invited us to come up with a solution to replace their old non conforming pitch lighting with a new installation that complied with the Football League pitch lighting guidelines and met the clubs budgetary requirements.

The original installation consisted of a mix of 2KW quartz metal halide fittings mounted on cage masts in the four corner areas of the football pitch.

After a detailed survey of the site we were able to provide detailed drawings that demonstrated how the Lux readings could be achieved and how many fittings were required .

By using new technology we were able to replace the 64 outdated luminaires with 40 new and updated fittings and also totally replace the control cabinets and install updated controls inside and house the new lighting control gear.

The whole installation took two weeks and involved a specialist installation team who are fully access and height certificated to work on high mast structures.

We even managed to make savings on the clubs annual electricity costs by the reducing the fittings and still increasing the lux levels on the pitch.

Project Information

Annual Before After Saving
Cost (£) 3859.20 1547.70 2311.50
Energy Usage (kwh) 23040 9240 13800
CO² Production (T) 12.56 5.04 7.52